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SRC - Scientific Review Committee

The Scientific Review Committee (SRC) is reponsible for analyzing the students´research projects and for the display of the projects at MOSTRATEC which must adhere the International Rules, relevant Laws and Guidelines.

This committee is in charge of selecting the projects, prioritizing those with higher social relevance; with maximum originality; with scientific rigor in their execution and their feasibility, and those capable of attracting the MOSTRATEC visitors.

MOSTRATEC SRC is also responsible for taking decisions about everything related to the display of the projects (scientific misconduct - fraud or forgery -, adhrence to the exhibition rules, and penalty).

Credibility and impartiality of the SRC members, in relation to any project, make any decision taken by this committee as irrevocable. The members of the SRC, MOSTRATEC, are:

Adriana Mombach -  Biochemistry and Chemistry
Ereci Teresinha V. Druzziam and Lucrécia Raquel Fuhrmann - Social Sciences, Art and Behavior
Jaqueline Brummelhaus - Animal and Plants Sciences; Cellular and Molecular Biology, Microbiology
Jorge Linden and Vanderlei Lara  - Electronic Engineering
Marlene Christel Grams Teixeira  -  Health
Roberta de Souza Pohren - Environmental Management; Environmental Science
Rodrigo Franscisco Lazarotti and José Celmar Roir da Silva  - Earth and Planetary Sciences and Mathematics and Physics
Sandro Marques da Silva  - Electrical Engineering
Victor Espanhol  - Mechanical Engineering; Material Engineering
Vivian Boldt Guazzelli  - Computer Science

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