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Evaluation of projects

The purpose of the judgment is to diagnose the production process of scientific and/or technological knowledge of the research study.  

Project Judgment should be understood as part of a formative process where values such as transparency and proactivity should prevail.  The idea of judgment as competition, focused on the division between "better" and "worse", needs to be replaced by a broader understanding of the importance of research development at all levels of education. Mentors, teachers, judges and student researchers should work together to assimilate imperfections and contribute to the continuous improvement of the judging process.

Judgment at MOSTRATEC is conducted by professionals organized in boards.  For this process, teachers and professionals from the most diverse areas of knowledge are invited to join the board of judges, who do not have any employment relationship with Fundação Liberato or with the participating schools in the event to guarantee impartiality and fairness of the process.

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