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Educational Robotics

Educational Robotics

Meet the Mostratec Robotics Festival 2016, a partnership between the Liberato Foundation and Marist Network of Schools.

What is it?

We can develop many interesting things in Robotics even with limited resources. Who doesn’t have an electronic equipment kept on a shelf at home? A broken printer ? A CD player ? Or even a cell phone? In all these equipment, there are useful pieces, mechanisms and circuits which may be reused for robotics projects made of scrap.

Why not join Robotics and Arts classes? Creativity is essential to set up a robot. Or maybe carry out a project integrated with Natural Sciences. What are the similarities and differences between a robot and a human being? We can see there are a lot of options; it depends only on our creativity.

The main objective of Liberato Educational Robotics is to show a little of this world which joins technology, science, creativity, teamwork, competition and a lot of partnership among all participating in the event.

We expect our work could encourage public and private schools to develop robotics projects as well as to create clubs and teams to participate in future editions of MOSTRATEC.



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Who can participate?

We invite interested schools to show their work in robotics and / or participate in competitions to get in touch with us:

Prof. Roberto  A. Ronnau
Liberato's Robotics Team Coordinator

For more information about the robotics Liberato, visit:

How does it work?

We will have a robotics competition for schools in the elementary level, a competition for middle level schools, workshops initiation robotics using recycled materials and free software throughout the festival will be held an exhibition of educational robotics projects developed by schools to elementary level, high school and technical as well as non-governmental institutions.


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