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Let’s play indoor soccer at Mostratec?

Finalists from different countries will gatheron Friday morning (October, 26th) to celebrate playing INDOOR SOCCER.

Would you like to join in? Bring your enthusiasm, your desire to make new friends and, of course, do not forget to bring your shorts and sneakers!

We will be waiting for you!

What is it?

Objectives of  Mostratec Games:

* Engage adolescents in physical activity and educational sport continuing  work begun in physical education classes in school;

* Integrate students from different schools encouraging respect, cooperation and solidarity;

* Focus on  teenage student highlighting  the importance of sports activity at school as well as the different areas involved in educational practice: health and performance;

* Strengthen relationship with the young audience associating MOSTRATEC with all the positive aspects of sport;

* Consolidate the event as an organized, disciplined and competitive students´competition.

Who can participate?

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How does it work?

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