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Information about SIET, the International Seminar on Technological Education that occurs along with MOSTRATEC.

Abstracts of the 23rd SIET

What is it?

The  International Seminar on Technological Education (SIET), organized by Fundação Escola Técnica Liberato Salzano Vieira da Cunha, takes place along with MOSTRATEC and is consolidated as an event for discussing and diffusing technological research and initiation of scientific methodology, applied to social-productive realities.

SIET has promoted reflection on social and technological changes in the working world, as well as a reflection on professional education challenges for technological and social innovation demands.

We are waiting for you in October 2017!  

Who can participate?

Teachers, adult sponsors, mentors, students and the public in general interested in the topics to be discussed.


How does it work?

THEME: Technological Education

WHEN: October 25th - 26th, 2017

WHERE: FENAC/ Novo Hamburgo

Subscriptions here:
     (Free registration)


SIET fulfills the purpose of integrating, disseminating and systematizing experiences in studies, teaching and research on technological, social, educational and cultural subjects. Its objectives are:

  • presenting and discussing the teaching institution experiences, research and technological extension seeking for educational, procedural and relational production systems, and for the development of societies;
  • discussing the global socioeconomic context, trends and innovation, and technological education challenges, contributing to the institutions´strategic positioning and their research lines;
  • contributing to the organization of educational systems, research and technological institutions, consolidating and systematizing the exchange of experiences and learnings;
  • integrating research, teaching and technological extension experiences of schools and national systems.




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