International Science and Technological Fair

MOSTRATEC is a science and technology fair, annually held by Fundação Liberato, in the city of Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. It aims at presenting research projects in several areas of human knowledge, conducted by young scientists from High School and from Technical-Professional Education of Middle Level.

A total of 752 research projects participate at MOSTRATEC: 420 High School and Technical-Professional Education of Middle Level projects, 260 Elementary School projects, and 72 Childhood Education research projects from Brazil and several other countries. It also has integrated events, such as SIET (International Seminar on Technical Education), Educational Robotics, sports and cultural activities.

The fair promotes integration among educational institutions, research and industry enabling the development, application, and disclosure of new technologies.

Throughout the years, the number of visitors and participants has been growing; among them are entrepreneurs, national and international authorities, professionals from several areas, educators, students, the press, and the community in general, making MOSTRATEC one of the main educational events of the country.

MOSTRATEC objectives

a) arouse students interest to develop scientific initiation research and technological projects in order to increase and renew the number of researchers;

b) guide research systematization and its institutionalization in High School and in Technical Education;

c) encourage imagination, curiosity and pleasure through scientific and technological research;

d) promote integration among educational institutions, research and industry, collaborating with the development, the application and the disclosure of new technologies;

e) integrate exhibitors and teachers from educational institutions in order to broaden relationship and to enable contact with other cultures;

f) allow students and teachers’ participation in national and international affiliated fairs.