Frequently Asked Questions

Must I have a mentor?

Yes. All projects must have a mentor, 21 or older.

Who can guide a project?

Teacher, expert or professional with knowledge in the area of the project to be developed and be 21 or older.

What is the role of a mentor?

The mentor is responsible not only for the health and safety of the student conducting the research, but also for animals and people as subjects of study.

Must monitor the completion of forms and the development of the project to ensure that everything is meeting the research rules.

Must I have a co-mentor?

No. Co-mentor is optional in the project development.

Who can be a co-mentor of a project?

People over 21 and who have already finished high school and / or technical school.

What is the role of a co-mentor?

The co-mentor shall assist the mentor guiding the students during the course of the project, and may take the role of the mentor in case he/ she is unable.

What are the basic characteristics of a project to participate in Mostratec?

The student:

a) be in high school or in a technical-professional education of middle level school;

b) be14 or more;

c) be accompanied by an adult if under age;

e) participate with only one (01) scientific or technological project.

The Project:

a) have a mentor (21 or older);

b) be conducted in accordance with MOSTRATEC Research Rules;

c) have, as an object of study, one of the areas of knowledge defined by


d) focus on one of the following: investigation and / or innovation;

e) present an ongoing work of twelve (12) months, developed in the previous


f) be conducted by 01 – 03 students, maximum.

How many members can a project have?

Each project must be conducted by a maximum of three (3) students.