Registration through Direct Selection Process

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Mostratec 2022: October 24 to 28. 

Steps to follow to submit your project:

Steps Deadlines
1. Online submission

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2. Announcement of the approved projects Please, wait.
3. Fee Payment

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4. Announcement of the finalist projects – Affiliated Fair and Direct Selection Process Please, wait.


Projeto participante do Processo de Seleção

  • Fill in the submission form online according to the scedule.
    • The Research Plan must be filled in online.
    • The other documents and forms must be uploaded in the submission form. Files should not be sent by e-mail.
    • The documents are analised by the Scientific Review Committee – SRC.
  • Check the list of the approved projects on the Mostratec website, according to the schedule.
  • Pay the fee according to the schedule.

Doubts about the procedures? Contact the Mostratec Team by e-mail: or by phone /WhatsApp +55 51 98464 7731

Doubts about the forms? Contact the Scientific Review Committee by e-mail: