Who organizes it

Mostratec is organized by teachers, employees and students from Fundação Escola Técnica Liberato Salzano Vieira da Cunha.

The organization of the fair is divided into two main boards: The Executive Committee and The Central Committee. The Central Committee has the participation of 22 coordinators. Each coordinator represents a group of professionals which is responsible for specific activities at the event – Finance, Reception, Transportation, Meals, General Office and Accreditation, Information, Press, Social, Health and Safety, Culture, Sports and Leisure, Structure and Set up, Judging, Planning and Logistics, Scientific Review Committee, Translation, Accomodation, Awarding, Institutional Issues, Robotics, SIET and  Technological Incubator (ITEL- Incubadora Tecnológica).

Mostratec has the support of municipal, state and federal institutions, companies, educational institutions, among others.

For the judging process, Mostratec counts on the volunteer collaboration of qualified professionals from universities, research institutions and different companies from the region.

Mostratec is held thanks to the efforts of many people, to the sponsorship of several institutions and to the dedication of teachers and students who develop research projects.

In 2023 and 2024, the general coordination is under the responsibility of Mr. Luis Eduardo Selbach.