Scientific Review

The scientific review process consists of the constant adherence to the rules and ethical and safety principles of research. Students and teachers must be aware of these rules and principles throughout the event: registration, affiliation, assembly, exhibition, evaluation, and awards.

Scientific review is carried out by the SRC (Scientific Review Committee), a group responsible for analyzing projects and their exhibition at MOSTRATEC-LIBERATO. This analysis is carried out in accordance with relevant international rules, laws, and regulations.

The SRC selects the projects that were presented directly, prioritizing those with social relevance, originality, scientific rigor in execution, and potential for application. In addition, this selection considers projects that can arouse the interest of the visiting public at MOSTRATEC-LIBERATO.

The credibility and impartiality of the SRC members in relation to any project make all decisions taken by this committee irrevocable.

If you have any questions (forms, rules, and exhibition), please send an email to

Research Rules